Donovan Wells

Professional Entrepreneur

Hello. My name is Donovan Wells. I'm a 35 year old PROFESSIONAL Entrepreneur that lives in the beautiful city of Orlando, FL (but from Seattle). I've dealt with everything from owning SEO Services, Web Development, App Development, Wordpress plugin creation and even IT work for many of my clients.

I have 3+ years in developing mobile apps, have had 3 different mobile app companies, own a white label mobile app builder and have created over 700+ mobile apps in my development lifetime with my various companies.

My current projects are AppstronautMe and my Orlando Web Design business (which I have nothing but Google 5 star reviews for). I have always been able to teach people from guitar, web development and other tasks, so I figured I would lend a hand to the Udemy world in showing people how I can development mobile apps quickly and easily.

I hope you enjoy my courses and you get some excellent beneficial information from them.

- Donovan