Mr. Donald Lee

Software Engineer

If you've stumbled onto this bio, you might want to learn a little bit more about me. My name is Donald and I'm a programmer by trade. I'm from Vancouver, Canada and I graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelors and Business and Computer Science. 

I've been writing code since 2009 and my passion is web and mobile applications. I am particularly interested in Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, React Native, and Angular. So, most of my videos will hover around those topics. 

I am currently based in Birmingham, AL because I was recruited after impressing my current employers with an e-commerce app that I built, which may be one of the courses I will teach.

At any rate, my goal is to help anyone with an interest in programming with their career change or career start. I have been through going from making $12 Canadian to $40 hourly over 4 years. However, because I know all the steps it took, I will aim to help you earn a decent living within 6 weeks

The courses I write will take you personally 6 weeks (play time will be short – 10 to 20 hours), but the extra margin of time is for you to debug and experiment and get familiar with programming.

So, hop on and start your programming career!

P.S. If you are curious about my credentials, then find me on LinkedIn and connect with me!

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