Don Sardella

Professional Coaching, Consulting and Facilitating

Don Sardella has been professionally coaching, consulting and facilitating for business clients since 1987. The majority of his most recent 20+ years has been primarily working in the financial services industry, incorporating his broader, entrepreneurial development resources along the way. Utilizing his previous training as a design engineer, Don’s process is very systematic and organized. 

Clients report their experiences as personally energizing and engaging, interactive and synergistic, readily applicable and rewarding. Don’s primary goal is to help participants and clients apply what they have learned to make an authentic difference towards living a life they love and to support their sustainability for living their optimal life.

Don has helped thousands of entrepreneurs successfully increase their professionalism, productivity and profitability, measurably improving their life and business performance. 

Over the years, in the financial services industry, advisors report increased annualized production as much as 28-42% over and above what they were previously on track to achieve. 50% of his clients went on to double their business revenues within 2-3 years, if that was their goal. Many focused on improving their current business model.

Don is actively engaged and credentialed with several global consultant and coaching associations. Don has also facilitated hundreds of workshops on such key topics as Exceptional Leadership Skills, Communicating with Tact and Professionalism, Innovative Thinking and Creative Strategies, and Successfully Making Career Transitions.


After understanding a client’s basic vision and goals, Don works to optimize their operational efficiencies, freeing up extremely valuable time and resources. We then focus on strengthening value-added services and elevating their own client’s experience. From there, we develop marketing and referral programs, to create a robust pipeline of future opportunities that can be converted into meaningful results.

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