Dominic Ryan

Social Media Trainer

Hi, I work with a number of Start Up & Small businesses throughout the UK to teach their staff how to use Social Media as an effective marketing tool for their business. I specialise in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn however many of my techniques can be used across any social media platform.

Course Aims

The aim of my training courses is to educate business employees so they can consistently, effectively and efficiently maximize their return on investment of time & money with Social Media.

My Experience

After graduating from University with a Degree and Masters in Business I went on to work with a number of companies that specialized in marketing for retail and products. While I was there I began to learn the tricks and tips of effective Social Media marketing, as well as developing a few of my own. I now run my own successful business, training companies how to use Social Media to grow their business, increase brand awareness, increase traffic to their website and ultimately gain new customers for minimal time and cost.

Why Do I Class Myself as an Expert?

I have spent the last 8 years developing my knowledge and techniques to achieving business social media goals. While I do this as a profession I also find it extremely interesting and am lucky to be in an industry that is in its infancy and will become more essential to the success of every business.

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