Dmitry Noranovich

Java Developer and Entrepreneur

Dmitry Noranovich has been programming since 1993 when he learned C language to produce code to carry out computations for his research. Since then he has used C++ and Java for this purpose and as well taught an extracurricular computational physics course in a big university in south Russia. His experience also includes teaching general physics at university level. Besides Java, which is his primary programming language, Dmitry is dabbling in Angular.js and Bootstrap and is passionate about everything concerning REST APIs. Dmitry is a technology enthusiast and lifelong learner, so he periodically takes MOOCs in computer science and likes to think that someday he will produce one and also tries to learn something new on his own. When he doesn't work, he spends time with his wife and two kids. Should he have spare time, he prefers to spend it hiking or with his Kindle.

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