Hii, I am Kaivalya Deshpande.

I always fancy about me page and profiles of people, maybe because they are written in the Third person despite the fact that, usually, they’re typically written by the owner of the site.. :)

So after Several attempts of sounding smarter and cooler than I am, by writing about me in the third person, I Quickly abandoned that approach and decided to write as if I am writing a letter to my old friend.. :)

Which, in many ways, it is..!

Anyway, Back to the point. What do you want to know about me? I'm 19 years old; I live in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra I have Pets accordingly two cats and one Dog (who lives happily together, unlike movies..)

But I am guessing, that's not the kind of information you're looking for. What you're probably wondering, Is this guy worth my Time and Attention or not? Well, Based on what you are looking for, My answer could be Yes or No.!

Here's what I mean by this:

I cannot help you to Getting Rich Quick.

In online Marketing, Most of the people tend to consider

Online Marketing=Get Rich Quick

I get it. That is totally normal at the beginning. In fact, that's what Attracted me to Online Marketing 5 years before (will talk about that later).

I thought it would be easy for me to make money online and I will have thousands coming every day .. On autopilot. Well, it wasn't that much easy money.

I do admit that I do have consistent revenue coming in every day... Many times, on Autopilot.

But the TRUTH is, it takes a lot of hard work, many sleepless nights, frustrations and patience to get there. ..And still, it takes work to keep all this going.  :)

So if you're not one hundred percent committed to hard work(Not 98 percent, not 99 percent.. 100 PERCENT), at least ten times that you're Expecting, I am not your kind of guy.

Is Paid Advertisement Necessary? Well, Short Answer - Yes. Long Answer - YEEEEEESSS..!

If you don't want to Advertise your stuff, then you won't like my Content. No!

I am not going to sell you traffic.

But here's why I am telling you this. If you decide to sell your products and services online, If you choose to dive into this "Rabbit Hole," you will see all kinds of advertisements and Posts like "FREE TRAFFIC," How to get rich by "latest loopholes in System," or "Gaming the system."

Does any of it work? Maybe for short term, maybe even not for short term.! But if you rely on that, your business is OVER. Your income is not going to stay stable because it is supported by unstable gibberish.!

And that is TOTAL WASTE OF TIME... If you want to spend your time, go to spend time with your family. It's constructive and more fun.! :)

If you are looking for "THE EASY WAY," I DON'T WANT TO help you. This thing is very Important for you to understand. I CAN help you, I just WON'T. I am Quite Capable of it. But I WON'T.

Here's Why. Because when someone says, "What is the Most Easiest Way" (No. That's not a Grammatical Mistake. Generally this is what people are after... Most easiest way..!)

What they really mean is, “I am not fully invested in the long term success of my own business and hence, not fully invested in the long term success of my customers.”?

Well, that translates to me that, "I don't really want to work." Look, Selling things on the internet is not easy work at all, especially if you are not in this game full time from some years.

Yes. When it's all up and running, it can be just exactly like you imagined: passive revenue and commissions are coming, even when you sleep, or travel the globe. :)

But that takes both, Hard work to create and to maintain.

Are you still here? Goood.. (This time, yeah.. Grammar Mistake. Just checking out if you are skimming through or Reading.. Go on. go on.)

Here's what you can expect from me -

> Actionable Ideas Strategies and Do-able Plans regarding Writing Sales Pitches and Online Traffic Generation

> Sales Pitches to sell you higher valued Courses

Can you Believe that I just told you flat out that you are going to receive sales pitches from me?

Well, why wouldn't I tell you? (How's that for the transparency in Marketing..!)

However, All Sales Pitches of me Followed by Really Valuable content, that will help you grow your sales and revenue tenfold.!

(Not to mention preceded by precious strategies and tactics you can use immediately. That’s free.)

The idea behind this whole thing is this, you will say, "Man, this guy's free stuff really helped me. I think I will try paid stuff also, as I believe it contains more valuable insights and actionable strategies regarding my Business."

Pretty pretty simple eh?

In the marketing world, this principle is known as,

Demonstrate that you can help them by actually helping them.!

Works like a Charm.

But still, if you are wondering,

How Could you know that, If my stuff is any good for you?

Well, the Smartest thing to do is to get some of my free materials and give it a go. If you like it, you will probably like my all training. (Not to mention, courses summary, curriculum and good old Reviews helps also.!)

If you don't like it, you probably won't. :)

I think I should get back to self-intro part -

I started my Internet marketing career in 2012ish by selling digital products in health niche and self-help niche.

At that time, I was selling products without any marketing funnels (talk about pouring efforts and money into black hole)

Did I make money? yes.

Was it harder and Frustration-full and Desperation-full than doing it the "Right" way?

Damn Yeeeesss.

I made more than 3000$ in 5 to 6 months of the period just by promoting a direct affiliate link. (way too unreliable and Waste of resources like Time and Money. Don't go for that.)

Invested most of the money in learning about marketing funnels and paid traffic advertisements.

I often say, I was lucky to get some mentors in my life, who were good copywriters, Marketing experts, and I was not-so-dumb to not to listen to them.!

Anyway, I learned about e-mail Marketing, Various Ways of Generating Traffic, Done lots of Experiments. And I started to Share what works for me, and what does not works for me with all of the Internet Community.

Fast forwarding to today, I co-founded and co-owned blogging community and currently building my freelancing service portal - Epic-lancers, ongoing in 2016.

Here's what I will help you with specifically.

Well, my primary focus here is to assist you to maximizing returns on your investments and turn your advertisements into PROFITS, and automating the whole thing for you.

I also focus on Copy-writing, as your sales posts or sales videos plays a vital role in your sales revenue. And, by providing value from sales post/video itself, you will achieve something we call, "getting people like you before you try to sell'em something."

I do this, by showing you that, how you can genuinely help your prospects before they see your sales pitch.

Here's my first sales pitch for you:-

Go to my courses links below and read the descriptions, reviews and enroll for free classes.

If they help you, consider buying my paid stuff when I will make an offer.

Pretty simple eh?

Thanks for reading this page, Chop chop. Get to work now.!

Regards, Kaivalya Deshpande

PS -

In case you’re one of the people (like me) who skim to the P.S. before you read the page, here’s what this is about:

Get free training of mine that shows you more advanced strategies for creating goodwill and authority, Secrets of Highly Highly Profitable Online Traffic Generation and increasing sales, all at the same time. Enroll Below Fast.

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