Ditanyan Sye

Wellness Coach at Udemy

I had reached a point in my life where I was truly unhappy with my appearance, poor health, and ability to effective relate to others. My highest weight was 374 lbs and I was on two types of blood pressure medication. My family medical history had me at a high risk for diabetes and heart related illnesses. I had very low energy and was dealing with bouts of depression. All these had an impact on how I viewed myself and interacted with others. After trying various diets and really wishing for weight loss, I finally discovered my compelling reason for change. As a result, I have

  • lost 120 pounds
  • improved blood pressure and reduced medication
  • become more active via martial arts, meditation, cycling, and swimming
  • found a consistent diet that works for me
  • better personal and professional relationships

My desire to help others find their compelling reason for change and be there to assist and encourage my clients to truly become who they want to be.I am now a certified Professional, Life, and Wellness Coach. I received my training through World Coach Institute, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


  • Certified Professional, Life, and Wellness Coach (May 2013)