Discovering How

Life Change Specialists

Discovering-How consists of a team of three highly qualified life change specialists.

Andrew Power has over a decade of experience working in mental health and in the fields of business and personal excellence and has helped many clients build six-figure businesses. Author of three books, he considers himself a professional student of life.

Kali Power with a background in life coaching and relationship building helps others to reconnect in times with their authentic selves. Author of one book, she continues to help others' where they most need it.

Geoff Walker brings with him a wealth of experience as both a health specialist and a trainer. He has contributed heavily to the development and growth of the physical health industry in Australia, and continues to teach aspects of physiology and anatomy.

With multiple qualifications in areas of physical health, cognitive therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, life coaching and counselling, business and marketing, you can be assured that the training on offer will teach you the skills without the excess fluff that has become too frequent in today's time-starved society.