Dimitar Hristov

Personal Trainer

Fitness Industry:

Growing up in Bulgaria I played football (soccer) my entire life. I was always very active and spent a lot of time in the gym building up my strength. At 14, I couldn't imagine what my life would've been without playing football. Then I moved away from home to continue chasing my dream. But then about 4 years later I stopped for various personal circumstances. The gym sessions being the only thing left from my football days, started to get serious when I came across an article on the Internet about the importance of mental strength. It really got me thinking about the importance of living with no regrets and mostly living right NOW! I've always tried to challenge myself and that's why I decided to keep pushing forward. Once I saw results, it became an addiction. In the beginning my motivation to hit the gym hard was to help relieve emotions left over from the end of my football career. I was determined to do something that no one else around me thought was possible. But then I was offered a job in my local gym. So it started as a hobby but it turned into a job. I am now working as a personal trainer and I am also trying to bring more young people into the healthy lifestyle.

Social media:

All in all, I consider myself a perfectionist and I value my ability to elaborate on the details. What separates me from the crowd is the ability to interact well with people. I love using Instagram to keep my followers up to date what happens with my life. I love making training and "recipe videos" so I always try to get creative in the kitchen. I also have some innovative ideas about future videos so they will definitely catch the audience's attention. Fitness and video editing have always been part of my life so I will definitely show the viewers what I am capable of.

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