Digital 1 to 1

Digital Photography Made Simple™ created by seasoned pros.

Digital 1 to 1 – is Ken Pivak and Santino Zafarana

Ken Pivak is an LA-based commercial photographer who has been creating images for national advertising, fashion designers, and celebrity portraiture in a career spanning more than 3 decades. His work has also graced many photo industry trade magazines, showcasing his talents both as a photographer and his ability to express his conceptual imagery using Photoshop. Ken has taught professionals and beginners alike through seminars and personal training. Born and raised in NYC, his roots began with a BFA in Photography (1985) from the School of Visual Arts, and many years assisting some of the photo industry's giants. His true passion culminated with the creation and launch of Digital 1 to 1 in 2007, with his partner Santino Zafarana.

His personal goal: “After years of getting others proud of the images they're in, my dream is to get everyone proud of the images they create".

See Ken's pro works can be seen on his site: []

Santino Zafarana has been in the photography business as a commercial, Fine Art photographer and an inspiring educator for over 35 years. Born in Italy and raised in New York City, earned a BFA from St. John University and MFA from Pratt Institute, owned and ran a successful photo studio New York in the 1970s and 1980s. After moving to California, he spent over a decade as Fuji Film's west coast product specialist, helping expand the company's product line while teaching thousands of photographers to identify and understand key picture-taking techniques. A long-time professional's professional and early digital camera pioneer, Santino developed hundreds of unique lesson plans to teach anyone at any level how to be more creative in taking better photographs. Going international as an educator with a special love for inspiring young photographers, he co-created the world's largest Internet video series on How To photography, called Digital 1 to 1. He continues to teach an intensive photography program at a private school called New Roads in Santa Monica, CA near his studio. His latest book; Dreams, Fantasies and Illusions, is a look into the human psyche through the art of photography. His photography work has been exhibited in many galleries both in New York and California. “To inspire and empower young minds to creatively tell stories through the art of photography. Capturing simple or complex moment in time, through the eyes, mind, heart and soul of a photographer".

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