Di-Di Hoffman

Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Manager at Game Plan Geek

My name is pronounced ‘dee dee’ (… it’s a nick name with very long story) and my primary aim is helping you make your work and business dreams a reality. (I know you have BIG dreams for both. :-)

How? By giving you the management skills and tools to outsmart, rather than outspend your competitors, in the digital marketing arena.

I believe at the granular day-to-day level, business is just one person solving another person’s problems. Those one-on-one interactions repeated millions of times, at all levels, each day are the gears that drive business and the economy.

Nowhere is this concept more important than in marketing. Marketing is pretty simple, solve your customer’s problem and they will buy your solution.

As a professional digital marketing analyst I bring a diverse digital marketing and business background to my courses. This makes me a powerful ally in helping students reach their individual and business goals.

I've honed my skills and pragmatic results-driven approach in three of my own businesses, in doing voluntary work for national and international gardening associations, and in working with clients in small, medium and enterprise businesses. Please check out my LinkedIn Profile for details.

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