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Dexter’s Code Laboratory Inc.

Dexter’s code Laboratory is a company headquartered in Rajasthan, India. A 90’s cartoon, Dexter, inspires the name of the company. We are completely an online company dedicated towards organizing Boot camps and online classes. Our goal is not only to cover the topic but also to make class a fun class.

Let’s be honest, learning is not an easy task, it’s boring. But that’s not the case if you are learning with Dexter’s courses. You will always find a true balance between theory, practical and Do It Yourself challenges.

Designing a course takes months of research. Research about what is already there? And what is missing? Research about what are the problems that student face during learning? How can we deliver the best content and can make it fun for student. After all this, we try to find best possible resources to learn a particular topic. Teaching is not part time job for us; we have just one job, to teach programming. We teach all kind of programming, from basic languages like C, C++, python, swift to Complete Web development topics like NodeJs or Ruby on Rails.

Our vision is to teach computer programming to students of every age. Just like everyone knows basic Maths, everyone should know basic terminologies of computer programming.

We got started with a free camp to teach C and python. It became a huge success and lots of Universities approached us to do similar boot camp in their campus. In our very first Bootcamp, 80% of students, from background like primary teachers, construction workers, artists; are now full time coders and free lancers.

Now we are taking a step further and are getting started online. We are on a roll to launch as many programming courses as possible with amazing teaching quality. Let’s rock n roll.

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