Desirea Herrera

Microsoft Trainer, Software Developer

Desirea Herrera first learned to program while in high school on an Apple IIe  in BASIC. She took a few  courses in programming while in college but pursued a career in horse racing which she left in 1998. While pursuing a teaching credential Desirea stumbled upon a red box at a computer show. It was a program that created animations.  She quickly picked up the basics of Flash 3 Actionscript programming.  Her knowledge of Macromedia Flash landed her a demanding job as a software trainer in 2001 where she combined her teaching credential and fascination of all things web related.  

Desirea continued to meet the demands of training applications while pursuing multiple credentials through  the CIW and Microsoft programs. During this time she taught multiple web scripting languages and programs.  Desirea reviewed online testing exams for  In 2003, she  took a job at the corporate headquarters of the training franchise. She began teaching the CIW development and server courses including Java and Object Oriented Programming.  In 2005 she became a Microsoft Certified Trainer to teach C#, VB.Net and SQL Server courses through an online live program with one of the world's largest technology training companies. In 2008, Desirea was tasked to redevelop Microsoft course labs for a cutting edge Lab On Demand system. 

Desirea now works as a freelance programmer, trainer and writer.  She lives in Tehachapi, California where she spends free time riding and training her horses.