Eddy Sunderland

Certified database developer and front end web developer

My name is Eddy and I am a freelance frontend web developer with extensive experience in html, css, JavaScript, jquery, php, and MySQL. I started my career developing applications with Microsoft Access, but when a client asked me if I could put her application online, I started researching and discovered the amazing world of front end web development. And what I discovered about front end web development is that to succeed, I would have to become a lifelong learner. 

I do have a college degree in Social Science with a GPA of 3.9, but when it comes to front end web development, I am 100% video taught. And I am very mindful of what it takes to make a well structured, clearly articulated video course. And I am always open to criticism. After all, I am and always will be a lifelong learner just like you.

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