Derek Hayase


I am an entrepreneur and a full-time Executive assistant for a Travel company in Hawaii. I am also a very ambitious person, with a passionate, positive and optimistic attitude among his friends and family.

I Love reading mostly non-fiction and informational books. I am extremely passionate about Romance and Suspense, Relationship, andSelf Help. When I am not reading or writing I am always trying to figure out how to help others with knowledge that I have gained.

With this curriculum I have created, I also do it myself, and that is how, I know it works.

I am very straight forward person, and if something does not work, I will let you know, so not to waste anyone's time.

Being the only child, I have always tried to do things on my own, working after school, paying for my own education after graduating high school. All taught by my parents who always instilled in me the values of responsibility, respect, and family.

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