Dennicé Vogel

Business Development &Media Consultant, Entrepreneur, Author

After owning and operating a successful event management business in Germany, Dennicé Vogel decided to pursue a degree in business. In 2012 she received her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration/Management and in 2014 her MBA with a concentration in Marketing, graduating each degree Summa cum Laude. Being a firm believer in lifelong learning, she is currently pursuing a PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

During 2013 Dennicé sat on the Advisory Board of Kaplan’s School of Business and worked together with Kaplan University’s faculty to improve the Student Learning Experience.

In 2013 Dennicé Vogel published her first book, YOU 2.0 - A Guide to Finally Achieving Success, Finding Happiness and Living Up to Your Infinite Potential, and is working on a new book to be released 2015.

Dennicé currently works as a Business Development and Media Consultant, Entrepreneur, as well as a Life Improvement expert and motivational speaker and lives in Tampa Bay, FL, with her children and her Pembroke-Welsh Corgi.