Denise Jagroo

Physical Therapist

Dr. Denise Jagroo is a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Women's Health Physical Therapy. She is an author (Your Best Pregnancy), national lecturer, webseries host and a featured expert in the media. Dr. Jagroo blogs for several sites including RZBeyondMom and thethreetomatoes. Dr. Jagroo has been featured on Fox News, Arise News as well on "about" as one of their medical experts. Dr. Jagroo is one of only 300 Board Certified Specialists in her field, yet also has her Pelvic Physical Therapy Certification and Manual Therapy Certification. She has practiced Physical Therapy for 15 years and pioneered a pelvic clinic at the Manhattan Veterans Hospital in NYC. Dr. Jagroo's webseries The Real Story with Denise Jagroo is featured on YouTube. She is a pelvic pain survivor and is passionate about educating people about the importance of pelvic health. Dr. Jagroo is currently working on her second book as well as furthering her career as a medical expert in the media.