Denis Doan

IT Freelancer, Ex Maths Tutor and Ex Business Manager

Hi Guys!

I'm Denis and I have a degree in Business Management from Kiel University of Applied Sciences and I've worked in several German companies like MAN Financial Services GmbH, Bosch Vietnam Ltd., INIT Consulting Software Service GmbH in several mostly Business Departments like General Management, Corporate Purchasing, IT Support etc. and I've also worked as a Math Tutor as a side job.

After doing Online Courses @ Codeacademy in Web Development, I soon realized that changing career to Web Development was a very good idea. So here I am. Sharpening my Web Development skills by completing a coding bootcamp @ General Assembly London and doing a Nanodegree on top in Front End Web Development @ Udacity to be able to provide you great Websites and great online services, that the world needs.

To get to know more about me: www[dot]denisdoan[dot]com


Denis Doan

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