Deimantas Brandišauskas

Creative Designer and Digital Marketer

Hello there!

My name is Deimantas and I'm passionate Creative Designer and Digital Marketer working on various online projects for myself and for clients (either big and smaller ones) all across the globe. 

I'm also working as a Digital Marketer by creating various projects across the internet and helping people to learn Creative and Money Making skills in order to help those awesome people achieve their goals online. 

I found Udemy as great platform in order to found people and teach creative and profitable skills which could lead to finding a new job, start online business, and just make their life better.

I also have over 6 years of experience in design field and my primary skills are UI/UX Design, Motion Graphics and Branding. I'm helping people to achieve their results online with great looking creative projects/designs for their projects. 

Hope you like my courses on Udemy and see you around!

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