Deepak Pathak

Double Your Success

An international Guest Lecturer on Entrepreneurship and Business - currently coaching for clients which include companies such as Amazon.

Author of Kindle Bestselling '10 Hacks to Double Your Success for Entrepreneurs' which was number 1 on Kindle USA & UK for Management and Leadership category, Jan 2016. 

Founder of an award winning startup in the mobile app space, formerly mentored by the CEO of Europe's largest retail organisation, an MBA graduate, and lifelong entrepreneur.

Adviser to many businesses and awarded an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in recognition of his educational work and an advocate of making business easier to learn.

Dee has a knack for taking often difficult business concepts and simplifying them so that they are not only easier to learn - but put in a way that they can actually be used. Many people know what they should be doing, but still don't know how they should actually do it.....well, until they take Dee's courses!

Current work on Udemy:

Double Your Sales Success with Dee's Four Magic Words:

Everyone knows that we should sell benefits of a product/service and not features but no one has made it simple for us to do. It's very easy to tell someone what our product does but a little harder to understand the true benefits. Well not any more!

Dee's Four Magic Words is a simple 4 word tool that can help you learn to sell benefits rather than features within 10 minutes.

You can then use these 4 words at any times to help you do the same with any other product or service. It's so simple - you will wonder why no one has taught this before - but that's Dee's Magic I guess!

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