Deborah Murtagh

Whole Foods & Weight Loss Coach, Author & Professional Writer

Deborah Murtagh has dedicated the past 20 years to researching whole foods nutrition and ancestral eating. Deborah is also a Strategic Interventionist having trained with the Robbins (Tony) Mandanes Training Institute in Life Coaching and Human Needs Psychology. She is passionate about educating clients to take a holistic approach; for wellness to occur she says, we must address the mental, emotional, spiritual and the physical.

After 20 years in clinical practice specializing in gut and bowel health and weight loss, Deborah concluded three things: We are not only what we eat, but what we think and feel as well.

A member of the New Zealand Guild of Food Writers, Deborah is a regular writer for Fitness Journal and Holistic Living Magazine. Deborah founded Healthy Kitchen Cooking School (recently rebranded as Whole Food Secrets) which is now based in the Waikato, New Zealand, and also The Body Coaches a weight loss company dedicated to the inner transformation of mind and body, taking a holistic approach to lasting weight loss.

Deborah has inspired thousands of patients and students to see that real healthy food is totally delicious and simple to prepare. She teaches students how to nourish the body with natural, traditional and whole foods with a focus on body ecology and is an avid promoter of ketogenic dietary protocols.

"I love the end of the cooking school days when we sit around the table and students feast on the days creations. There is a silence followed by the oohhhs and ahhhhs and yummms, as they chow through taste sensations while being enlightened to the fact REAL healthy food does taste good!" says Deborah.

"My personal life philosophy is to leave this planet a better place than when I found it. I am horrified at what kids and adults are eating these days. Parents are being educated by multi-national companies with huge advertising budgets and not real science. Most of the food 'science' coming through today is also sponsored from these same corporations. No wonder there is so much confusion out there! The real science is out there and Healthy Kitchen brings the latest research to you." says Deborah.

By eating well you can literally change your life and Deborah Murtagh has devoted her life to helping you do just that.

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