Deborah J Schwartz

Dating Coach and Image Consultant

Not getting dates? Not turning heads? Not familiar with the trends and fashions in America? If any of the aforementioned describe you, let me help you send the right message through your image. How you present yourself to the world says a lot about you. It would be nice if we didn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but the quick snapshot that makes a first impression can be a deal breaker. Let’s make sure you are sending the right message with the right look to attract the opposite sex, and keep them enticed for future dates. Let’s find the right looks for you that will be conversation starters and help you to let your personality shine. First: you get their attention with the right sex-appealing image. Second: you keep it by being YOU! I will make sure you are dressing appropriately for the right outings to have you looking casual fun for day and chic and sexy for night. I’ll also give you intuitive guidance based on your look and what messages you want to convey, and I promise it will help you have people sticking around to get to know the inner you too, and have them see you for the total package that you are!

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