Deborah Daniels

Co-founder, Partners In Crime

Hello! I'm Deborah. Together with my twin sister Hadassah, We created Partners In Crime. Partners In Crime is an endeavor by the two of us to create amazing effects using open source software that rivals effects found in commercial software. Mainly, motion graphics, but we also create addons for realistic 3D visualizations.

We grew up watching amazing 90's cartoons as well as Pixar movies and anime. As kids, we always wanted to learn how the characters we loved on screen moved, so, we found Blender after a brief search for how to get started animating.

Enter Partners In Crime.

Part of what fuels our drive is seeing what other softwares are capable of, and emulating the abilities of said other softwares within Blender. It's what you'll see a lot of on our channel, and in our courses.

Motion graphics is our current passion. The ability to make text and abstract shapes animatedly convey messages and presentations is part of what drives our channel.
We've been using Blender, and creating animations and tutorials on YouTube for 3+ years now. 

Through our in-depth tutorials, free motion graphics assets, and Blender training, we've accumulated 18,000+ followers on YouTube.

Our main goal is to show everyone our tips and tricks on how to create anything amazing in the most feature packed 3D software out there; Blender!

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