Dean Palya

Music Producer, Video Editor, Musician, Songwriter, and Computer Expert

Dean Palya Jr is a producer, musician, songwriter, teacher, and writer working in Nashville, TN. He has always been fascinated by music, art, and stories, weaving them together to create magnificent aural experiences.

Starting classical piano lessons at the age of five, he quickly picked up several other instruments, including violin, guitar, saxophone, drums, and bass. He released his first full-length album in 2007, and has since released 12 more full-length studio albums ranging from rock to hip-hop, classical to pop. Palya has always been interested in telling stories through his work. His albums feature strong characters and deal with deep subjects. His most recent release, Modern Nocturnes, takes the listener on a journey through the night as they experience a performance of modern nocturnes – songs that are evocative of the night.

Palya has worked with many artists as a producer, with his focus on creating the best art possible. Having worked in almost every genre, he is known for his ability to capture the exact feel, sound, and emotion that an artist is conveying through the music.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Palya’s career is his work as a private instructor. Having taught music for over 8 years, he continues to seek out the opportunity to share what he loves with students, helping them to fulfill their dreams. As a featured producer on, Palya is able to teach people how to create incredible music in their home studios. He also gives private lessons for those who want a customized lesson plan and a personalized experience. Palya also teaches piano and guitar lessons.

Palya studied at the Tufo School of Music, receiving his Teacher’s Certificate in 2009, his Graduate diploma in 2010, and his Artistry diploma in 2011. After extensive study in music theory, piano performance, and teaching methods, he teamed up with fellow Nashville musician Hunter Spivey to develop a teaching method that emphasized the importance of true musical artistry and personal expression. The Artistry Method develops an understanding of what it means to be “artistic” through piano performance.

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