Dean Shepherd

Chartered Tax Adviser and Accountant

In my 15 year career as a tax accountant, I have worked with an eclectic mix of creative businesses and their owners - from design agencies, brand consultancies and visual effects studios to bespoke jewellers, fashion brands and film-makers; helping them to pay the least amount of tax whilst staying on the right side of the law.

There is a common theme to all the questions that people ask me:

“How can I legally reduce my tax bill?”

“What expenses or allowances should I be claiming?”

“What do accountants do to pay less tax?”

“Why does everyone else seem to pay less tax than I do?!”

“Where is the line drawn between acceptable tax avoidance and illegal tax evasion?”

“Can I take advantage of the elaborate tax schemes that celebrities use?”

“What is the likelihood of HM Revenue & Customs investigating me, and what happens if they do?”

I know the simple stuff that works, the complicated stuff that doesn’t, and I am passionate about helping small business owners keep more of their hard earned cash.

Armed with this determination, I have written books, produced digital courses and ran talks and workshops to keep more money in your pocket and giving no more than your fair share to the tax man.

I am not out to cheat the tax man, and I am not interested in helping people contribute nothing to society. I simply help to level the playing field between big businesses with expensive lawyers and small businesses that really drive the economy.

Explore, experiment and implement these great tax saving ideas in your business and you will notice an immediate reduction in your tax bills.

I really hope this course helps you as much as they have helped both me and the creative businesses I work with every day.

Dean Shepherd