Dayne Gingrich

High Performance Coach | Speaker | Former Pro Athlete

“I’m sick of it!” With this one declaration, Coach Dayne changed his life and was placed on a path of helping others elevate themselves from self-imposed limitations and a fear-based mindset. After struggling through years of overwhelming insecurity and finally overcoming it, he became dedicated to helping others free themselves from this same limiting mentality. Dayne’s years of experience as a professional athlete and coach have led him to create the 1% Mindset, making the word, "impossible” obsolete. His passion for helping others facilitate personal growth and self-evolution is clear the moment you speak with him. He’s committed to eliminating “realistic” from your vocabulary and developing a sense of fearlessness, unmatched.

With a driving force to help others live a life of confidence and passion – all of his coaching is aimed at eliminating the acceptance of mediocrity and elevating our expectations for what we are capable of achieving – through focus and dedication.

Dayne grew up dreaming of becoming a professional basketball player, but chose professional tennis, instead – a choice made out of fear and doubt in his abilities. How many of us have taken the safe road out of fear and looked back with regret, to wonder “what if?” A mindset burdened by fear of failure causes us to release our true dreams and miss important opportunities. Dayne is committed to helping others free themselves from a limiting fear-based mentality, and to lead them boldly towards pursuing their dreams.

"Raise your bar of excellence so high, it suffocates mediocrity." - Coach Dayne

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