David Sieg

Biofuels and Alternative energy consultant

In 1995, while teaching in Southeast Asia, I started dabbling in alternative energy and biofuels by necessity. At the time Vietnam was suffering under crippling oil embargoes and there wasn't enough energy to meet basic needs.

I remembered the Allies in WWII used vegetable oil to power diesel engines. This led me to researching various alternatives in biodiesel. My students collected used vegetable oil from restaurants. Soon we were creating enough to power the school's generators. This led eventually to starting a consulting business.

in 2006 I started a website sharing the knowledge I gained and started writing books on how anyone could produce algae biodiesel. In 2008, the price of oil skyrocketed and some of my books became best sellers overseas.

Also in 2008, the economy collapsed in Asia and I moved back to the USA. I put the very same principles I applied in Asia here in the US in a suburban house. I was able to bring a $500 a month utility bill down to $75. Doing the same things I teach in this course.

I have since written over 8 nonfiction books on algae biofuels.