Mr David Sanders

Financial Trainer

David Sanders is a UK based financial trainer. His mission is to inspire people to take ownership of their finances, become financially free and live the life of their dreams. David’s motivation is to provide affordable, impartial financial education and wants more people to take control of their finances, become their own financial advisors and make themselves rich instead of the big corporate financial institutions.

His passion is finance, business, innovation and learning. His desire is to influence positive change.

David’s career has spanned numerous roles – financial advisor in a remote English farming community, a penny share dealer in London, IT person at a Swiss Investment Bank, and trainer at Reuters supporting their investment banking and trading houses clients to use their financial software. In 2011, David moved to Switzerland and worked for an energy risk management software company and then an innovative Swiss start-up.

Returning to England in 2016, David decided to follow his own business dream. Utilizing his broad business background and financial knowledge he focused his business on combining two consistent themes – finance and learning.

David lives in England but spends much of his spare time in the south of Spain. As a proud father to a 10 years old son who lives in Spain, he loves being with him, and enjoying Spanish food and culture.


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