Florin Ion

The best proof is success


My name is Florin. I started to be an entrepreneur when I was a teenager. I bought cheap personal computers (Commodore 64) and sold them for a higher price. While I was waiting for customers I was playing with the C-64 ;) 

My career-highway lead me to IT and Management. I worked for over ten years as an IT and Business Consultant in Asia and Europe.

My great passion is to immprove myself and also help others like you to improve your life and business and the most important of all to help you find your passion and mission for your life.

My definition of success: live in balance and help others to succeed

My mission: to live daily with an open mind and with an attitude that we are limitless and that the resources are limitless. Fear creates limits, boundries and separation. With this limitless mindset helping others to become also limitless.

My vision: A world where everybody knows their true potential and understands that sharing and working together is the only solution to take humanity to the next level of evolution/transformation.

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