David Hearle

Travel advice and information.

David Hearle is the Editor of eGuide Travel, one of the world's leading digital travel guides. David knows travel! He has travelled to nearly every country in the world and experienced the utmost luxury and also those places where you wish the night would pass faster. A journey where every mode of travel has been used and where achieving value for money and travelling safely are paramount.

He is passionate about sharing all his extensive knowledge to fellow travellers. He has also worked in training and development for many years and is an experienced presenter. His goal is to present useful information with knowledge and intimacy.

David, from his base in Brisbane, Australia, leads a team of travel writers who research every detail of travel and places to visit.

This collective knowledge has been compiled in the course Travel Made Easy and is a series of talks, combined with some clearly written articles, that summarise and provide practical information and advice on travelling.