David Giller

Salesforce Trainer, Consultant, Blogger, Author

Author of the "Getting Started in Salesforce Series" ebooks on Amazon.

Curious how I help my clients? It's very simple:

I train my clients' employees on how to use Salesforce easily and efficiently - eliminating the fear, and demystifying the overwhelming technology and terminology embedded in the Salesforce platform.

I coach my clients to streamline business processes & introduce efficiencies by eliminating redundant, time consuming steps.

I help my clients leverage technology to automate operations, while improving communication, transparency, consistency & sustainability in a digitized, paperless environment.

I guide my clients by implementing  proven marketing principles across communication channels, industries & audiences.

My clients are typically intrigued and inspired by my innate passion for my work. 

My clients allow me to enthusiastically ignite the power of Salesforce within their organizations. 

If your team needs Salesforce training, give me a call at (201) 478-7412

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