David Favor

Author, Speaker, WordPress/Linux Savant, Wetware Hacker

My courses derive from personal experience starting mid1970s.

My Hardware/Software/Wetware Hacking went into high gear after ingesting LSD + Eve every few days for better part of a year in late 1980s.

Digitally Speaking, my first online income bootstrapped in 1994 when I setup a garage Webserver + began doing drive time radio interviews, many times 4-6 interviews/day.

Ever since my first radio interviews, I've been hooked by online income.

Today I run several businesses which allow me to be - Living Well Doing What I Love.

1) Super Food import + packaging + export company

2) High Speed WordPress Hosting Company

3) Publishing Company moving all my courses to Udemy

Even today, a good bit of my time is given over to public talks + interviews explaining "Author Cashflows" + the difference between Rich Author + Poor Author life strategies.

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