David Bunney

Author | Speaker | Mentor

David Bunney is known as “The Lifestyle Mentor™,” because of his passion for helping people achieve the lifestyle of their choice.

Founder of Success Leaves a Trail® (Personal Development and Wealth Creation), and author of the Startup Business Series™, David educates, encourages and inspires others to reach their full potential.

As an accomplished author, speaker, mentor and entrepreneur, he is based in Perth, Western Australia. David’s drive to promote success through self-education and mentors is showcased on the website Success Leaves A Trail. He uses his trademark philosophy of Mindset + Mechanics + Mentors®, to deliver the framework for guaranteed results.

David is an active participant in community affairs. His tenacity and commitment have led to many substantive civic accomplishments, earning him the respect and admiration of his community and peers. He is particularly devoted to promoting youth development.

He has been personally involved with dozens of startup business ventures during the decades of his career, and is the creator of the Startup Business Series™ course and resources. David facilitates training workshops for entrepreneurs, and lectures on business planning and marketing, delivering education based on real-life experience. He serves as a mentor to numerous business owners, and is credited with countless success testimonials.

As a leading authority on improving lifestyle, David’s speaking engagements include the topics of lifestyle change, business, wealth creation and mentorship.

David’s primary focus as an educator and mentor reflects a personal and ongoing passion for helping others, help themselves. Offering a rare blend of integrity and warm authentic helpfulness, he makes himself available to anyone who shares his passion, excitement, and vision for achieving the lifestyle of their choice.

Further information about David Bunney, his resources, seminars, and books are available at his website David Bunney.