Dr David Murphy

PhD Educator, Fire Brigade Commander, Instructional Designer

I'm Watch Commander Doctor David Murphy, Dave to my friends! I currently lead an operational fire station team at a busy central location in one of the largest fire brigades in the world. I am a graduate of the first ever firefighter accelerated promotion project.

As well as leading at incidents I am also responsible for the day-to-day training of my team. That work combines with my teaching and academic background to fuel my passion: online instructional design. I work independently to develop online learning projects as well as being a founder member of the School for the Self, and I am also a member of the elearning guild.

In previous roles I have taught political philosophy at undergraduate level, taught teaching methodology to university lecturers, been an associate editor of an academic journal, been Team Leader on a European Union assistance mission to the Republic of Uzbekistan, been an emergency call taker for a UK police force... oh and I've cleaned toilets for a living too!

I hope that this varied life experience gives me some insight not just into the subjects I teach but into how to teach them effectively.

I'm excited to be getting to know new students here, and I look forward to meeting you through my courses and our discussions.

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