Dave Sheppard

Digital marketing and design expert.

'Thank you!

Short and to-the-point, so good for beginners, but also very helpful even for someone like me with a lot of experience with computers in other areas but new to SEO.'

Dave has been working for 15 years as a trusted and respected SEO professional, website Designer, and marketer based near Cambridge in the UK.

He has been trusted with leading national and international brands including design agencies as well as exciting start ups and local businesses as well as Cambridge University.

"Over my courses I will show you the very foundations of a getting your website to rank in search engines, turning your visitors into paid conversions with modern approaches to design and also social marketing and email list generation."

Coming from a design background he has also tailored his skills in Conversion Optimization (course coming soon) which is the next important step after getting your website ranking on search engines.

With over a decade and a half of experience he is willing to share and teach what he has learnt on his way throughout his career - from the very basics all the way through to expert level.

"All of my courses are backed by the Udemy 30 day money back guarantee so for no risk at all you can learn and start making your websites work for you and SAVE YOUR BUSINESS THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in agency fees"

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