Dave Farthing

Co-Founder - YOUCAN

Mr. Dave Farthing is the Founding Executive Director of YOUCAN, founded in 1997. YOUCAN's mission is to “equip and inspire others to peacefully resolve conflicts and develop healthy relationships in their communities". YOUCAN has become one of Canada's leading national organizations run for youth, by youth. Mr. Farthing's commitment to youth empowerment and conflict resolution has made a significant difference in the lives of Canadians. Since 1997 YOUCAN has trained over 30,000 youth all over Canada, Colombia, China and Northern Ireland. "His commitment to teaching our youth alternatives to violence clearly demonstrates the positive impact of conflict resolution practices," says Correctional Service of Canada's former Commissioner, Keith Coulter.

Mr. Farthing has received many awards for his work including Correctional Services of Canada's “Ron Wiebe Award", an award from Washington-based “Association for Conflict Resolution" and The Queen Jubilee Medal. Mr. Farthing has served on many advisory's including the former Law Commission of Canada and currently is an Advisor to the Youth Justice Branch Advisory of the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth and serves as a member of the Canadian Commission of UNESCO's Education Sector Advisory.