Bricen Lee

B.S. in psychology. Author, educator, and Life Coach.

You can read more about what I teach at my website which is linked below. There is a picture of a globe underneath this box, click that. Also, if you go to "My Courses" page, you will find some great coupons for the course on my website. That is my thanks to you!

I earned my degree in psychology from the University of Nebraska. My background is in cognitive neuroscience, positive psychology, and I have even spent time in philosophy, quantum physics, as well as diet and exercise science.

My primary motivation is influencing others to improve their life as they become more aware of the way their brain effects their body, and how they make decisions. From my experience, people are not inherently bad; instead, many of us just simply didn't have someone to provide us with the knowledge; many of us were unable to learn from a positive role model during crucial phases of early development, and that effected our psyche to the point that now, you are not seeing the results you deserve.

It is my goal to challenge you to take the necessary steps so you can transform into the best version of yourself!

Together, we can change the world!

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