Darryn Aldridge

Video Expert & Photographer

Darryn created a successful full time Video & Photography business on the Gold Coast, Australia. He has extensive knowledge in lighting, audio, photography, videography production, filming and editing, and wants to share his vast knowledge with a wider audience.

He has worked with the likes of a prominent dentistry expert, renowned business growth specialist, ongoing work with a social media guru, plus many more businesses realising the need for quality video in order for them to connect with their customers.

He has a passion for working with businesses both big and small, creating web marketing videos, and event videos, and having started his own business from scratch, knows just what small and medium businesses face on a day to day basis.

Realizing the desperate need for quality video across the world, and, knowing he can't possibly make videos for everyone on the planet, he came to the conclusion that the next best thing would be for him to pass on his skills and knowledge to you, by doing this course.

He wants to help raise the level of quality video, for it to be affordable for people like you, and to get YOU standing out from the crowd with amazing videos for your business or project.

Courses that Darryn Aldridge is enrolled in