Darren Hickie

Trainier/Teacher, Author in Sales, Marketing & Business

With a unique set of skills and a qualified teacher, Darren brings a range of experience to his training initially as an accountant through to Sales and Marketing.

Currently running a digital marketing agency with a team of people Darren shares the training that he uses for his class room sessions with you. He has also been accredited with a certificate from the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management.

Covering courses in LinkedIn, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Sales skills and Excel for everyday use. Darren plans to add more courses over the year and with pre-release’s being given at discounted rates to his current students you don't want to get one of his current courses to receive the offers first.

Full of passion and enthusiasm Darren believes that "everyone should be able to understand IT and exploit it in everyday life for our benefit."

Having taught students at a local college in early 2000 and a desire to set up his own business in 2006 he combined these to form Develop and Promote. He and his team have helped hundreds of people in business with their sales and marketing.

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