Dar Payment

Udemy Instructor

Dar is a progressive and passionate speaker whose straightforward down-to-earth style of teaching Universal Truth and its Principles, touches the hearts of men and women of all ages. Dar has over 22 years experience teaching principles of spirituality and personal development, and is passionate about presenting teachings that bridge spirituality, science, and personal development.

When asked about her role as a spiritual teacher and life coach she answered, “I often refer to myself as a spiritual optometrist. I help people to clearly see and understand principles of spirituality and personal development as it applies to every area of their life.”

Dar’s intention at TransformationalSpirituality.com is to provide spiritual and personal development a fun, practical, and relevant manner which can be applied in everyday life. Her goal, as a spiritual teacher, author, and personal development and life coach, is to present spiritual teachings that bless, prosper, heal, inspire, encourage, elevate, and dignify the mind and hearts of all who either reads or listens to her teachings.

Prior to answering Spirit’s call to transform hearts and minds, Dar was the Senior Minister of The Kindred House Spiritual Center, a holistic healer in the energy healing art of Jing-Qi-Shen, an author, a personal development speaker and workshop leader, and an attorney. Aside from her current teaching functions with TransformationalSpirituality.com, she is a licensed You Can Heal Your Life Workshop and Seminar Leader, an author, a Certified Psychic Medium, and the Senior Editor of Transformational Spirituality Editions.

Dar’s motto for gleaning spiritual truth is: Eat the chicken and throw away the bones!

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