Dan Udell

About Dan – Dan Udell grew up with the Computer industry. After graduating from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a BS degree in physics and math, he worked at IBM's famous Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY. Udell lunched daily with Benoit Mandelbrot as he wrote the first monograph on Mandelbrot's work. 

 Udell was IBM's official spokesman at the historic first launch of NASA's Space Shuttle, where he successfully explained to 3,000 waiting reporters why a software glitch in the Shuttle's five computers delayed the launch for over a day. This was the first time that computers were synchronized with software rather than with hardware.

After IBM installed a US-wide TV network, broadcast from Stamford Connecticut, with thousands of monitors populating every IBM building to carry daily news to employees, Udell was put in charge to make the programs run efficiently and to ensure that the news was educating the company's workforce. He also was made the official IBM spokesman to announce all of the company's products, holding frequent press conferences at the company's building at the corner of Madison Avenue and 57th Street in New York City – working with reporters from around the world to explain IBM's technology and products, which included the New York Times, Associated Press, CBS News and many others.

Udell was in charge of making the historic announcement where Apple began using IBM's PowerPC processor in its computers – working secretly for weeks with teams from Apple, Motorola and IBM at remote locations. All performed at crisis mode, right down to a 2 a.m. agreement with Motorola, which Udell was instrumental in orchestrating. The explanation for this technology-powerhouse lash-up had to be – and was – spot-on.

His technical knowledge was exercised to the fullest when he was appointed IBM Director of Communications with responsibility for working with each of IBM's product Vice Presidents – from mainframes to laptops and software – to help them produce their communications strategies, and communicate to all their various publics.

Getting his hands dirty with photography, videography and writing was a frequent occurrence. He developed dozens of Flash animations to celebrate important IBM technology wins, created a major film to predict how IBM computers would be helping architects, designer and business people ten years into the future, and single-handedly took hundreds of photographs of IBM employees and compressed them for display in IBM's intranet system. 

Most recently, he wrote dozens of articles about how IBM hardware and software has been used to make customers more competitive, which were highlighted in IBM's much publicized “Smarter Planet” campaign.

Dan is married to Mary Udell, curator of the Shelnutt Gallery at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. She ls founder of the Sound Shore Gallery, which she directed in New York and Connecticut for 20 years.  


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