Danny Tang

CEO of Flaxy

Danny has years of experience with wordpress and utilizes this within his workfield.

Apart from web development Danny also specializes in internet marketing through keyword researching and social media development. He also occasionally develops restaurant related designs like menucards, visitor cards, glass decorations and logos for his customers working in the catering business.

Funnily Danny's interest in webdevelopment started as a hobby and through his character of wanting to be the best in what he does he sought all kinds of different courses and read all he could find about developing. Then he started to develop different kinds of websites for himself and friends and afterwards he started to work for the company Dappo as a web developer. This meant that he started to work on more practical and complex designs and this turned out to be a great experience(and still is!). This is why Danny feels the need to share his knowledge with the world and to all that want to learn he shall teach.

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