Danny Hall

Director of Content Creation & Web Design at Posse Social Media

With a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, Danny has a strong understanding of how visual media can affect individuals on a personal and professional level.

He is a skilled writer with more than five years experience in creating high quality blog posts, ezine articles, scholastic writing, white pages, press releases and more for clients located across the globe.

He is also social media savvy with a great deal of experience in working with such platforms as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, and LinkedIn. Whether it is a Facebook fan page, WordPress site, or Twitter based advertising, Danny understands the need for real time branding in today’s social media driven society. As such, he concentrates his particular talents on creating a social media centered campaign that will help add life to each client’s marketing strategy.

As a website designer, Danny has strong skills in creating superior sites that both appeal visually and that get the traffic that the owners desire.

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