Danny JJay (JeanLouis)


Hello, I am Danny JJay and I knew since the age of 15 or 16 that I wanted to own my own business and be my own boss. I wanted the freedom that came with being self made and financially free. I have been working on and building businesses now for many years. I certainly have made my share of mistakes and have experienced my fair share of failures. Through it all I have learned one of the most important things towards obtaining success, and that is taking action. Through consistency and persistence (though I have had many challenging days) things have began to take a turn for the better. I used to own a 3D Architectural Visualization business which I gave up (though I still do projects here and there for certain people) to pursue success online. Online success was what I really wanted to have. I am on this Journey toward more and more success. While I may not be that millionaire yet I am certainly on the path to making that a possibility in the future. I have operated a pretty successful eBay business for the last year and half and now I am venturing off into my own eCommerce brands and creating multiple streams of passive income. There is so much that I have going on from books to stock investing. Connect with me if you are like minded.