Danny Crouch

Mindset Strengths Coach - Connecting ideas on a massive scale to inspire people to activate their future.

Danny loves to connect people with their hopes and dreams on a massive scale. With the ability to identify and unlock natural talents using the Clifton StrengthsFinder profiling tool, Danny inspires others to create the future linked to their aspirations.

Valuing happiness, loyalty and honesty, Danny looks to change the status quo using  positive psychology and the strengths movement. In a society drawn toward flaws, mistakes and weakness asks his family, friends and clients to look at what they do well, what will energize them and encourages them to focus on their strengths.

A qualified business trainer and life coach, Danny has over 20 years training and coaching experience. He's a key note speaker, a published author and creator of both offline and online training and coaching programs. His goal is to serve as many people as possible. He wants to us to strive for excellence.

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