Danish Sinha

Game Developer

I had no intention of being a computer engineer.

Before you read my summary I should tell you, I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious. ;)

Total Annihilation, Age of Empires, Dave, Command and Conquer, and Future Cop are the games I grew up playing day and night. Gradually my focus varied more on how these games are made which intrigued to know more about applications behind the making.

Age of tweaking laptop's hardware, playing games, programming and learning those in parts fostered the new idea of making a career out of that and hence I forged to opt engineering.

While studying engineering, I developed a new characteristic to meet more and more people of all ages and exchange my thoughts resulting building relationships. Soon I found myself fully indulged into organizing college events, parties, speeches, fairs, extracurricular activities and many more. The more I interacted with multiple people, more I explored.

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) enlightened my mind further. I started learning extensively from the courses being offered by best of the universities globally and amazed how wide we can think and do!

I admit that I am not very good with books but completely in the clutch of internet era; I admit that I am not satisfied only with my college lectures but explore and learn (Generally MOOCs) extensively for long hours at night; I admit that my focus is not limited to only complete my engineering with best grades but investing equal time in online learning, coordinating, organizing, interacting, participating in extracurricular activities & many more.

Reason is that I want to design my future - to bring me immense satisfaction, joy and success by doing what can make me stay awake for nights till I don't reach to logical end; doing my bit of contribution to society with best of my researches and experiments along with ongoing learning for the rest of my life; while discovering self-actualization by doing “What I Want To DO”

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