Daniel Spacagna

International Soft Skills Trainer

Over 30,000 lives have been changed from attending Dan's live seminars taught across the United States and Canada. Helping people change their lives through personal development has been his passion. His easy to understand style allows the learner to acquire in depth knowledge and complex psychological principles that will change your life without the sometimes dry, over complicated delivery.

Early career: After 10 years of working my tail off trying to get into management, my career was going nowhere. I couldn't get promoted even though others around me were moving up the ladder. Why do others succeed and not me? I took on every responsibility my boss had ever given me, I worked through lunch, stayed late with no overtime and all it ever got me was stressed. I found out that when you take on responsibility without gaining authority, you get stressed! We need to balance authority with responsibility. I got so stressed that I quit my job and it was during this low point in my life that a friend connected me to the information that would change my life

Professional career: Once I learned the skills that would change my life, I got into leadership roles and my career exploded into overdrive. What I could not accomplish in 10 years without these skills, I was able to accomplish in less than 2. I received promotions into management within 16 months. That pattern continued for the next 3 years. My income quadrupled and my life would never be the same. I gained professional designations with multiple industry leaders and now have the opportunity to teach full time in seminars across North America.

Making the simple complex is easy, making the complex simple is magical. Using proven techniques, you will be amazed at how easy it is to learn these life skills and management principles. Dan is a DISC expert and relies on his decades of management training to develop easy to use life application teachings to help people improve their relationship by developing their emotional intelligence and psychological understanding. Are you ready to change your life?

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