Daniel Padgug

Owner of Padgug Enterprises

Growing up in the Washington D.C. area, I was exposed to sports at a very young age and quickly grew passionate about watching and playing football, baseball and basketball. As I got older and evaluated my strengths and weaknesses, I determined I wanted to use my gift for taking what others perceived as complicated concepts, and turning them into ones that were simple to understand. My teaching certificate as well as Bachelor's degree from Arizona State University helped me fine tune the skills I would need to do this effectively.

This has manifested itself in many ways.....from understanding and explaining how relationships worked to explaining what a "first down" was to someone from another country who had never been exposed to American football before.

After teaching a class on "Football for Beginners" at a local Community College in Jacksonville Florida, and receiving such a positive response, I decided to make this course available online. Hopefully you will enjoy this as well as the other courses I plan to put together in the future.

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