Daniel Myers

Senior Instructor at BA-EXPERTS

Dan has been in Business Analysis since 1978. He has over 35 years of experience in the fields of information technology, methodologies, requirements engineering, and business analysis. He authored three business analysis methodologies, and ten workshops (2-5 days) focused on the business analysis discipline. With these tools he trained and consulted with over five-hundred medium-sized to Fortune 100 companies on five continents. He also developed an “ASAP” methodology that would later be known as JAD, (IBM’s name).

Some of his customers were LL Bean, Smuckers, and other retailers, Lilly, Merck and other pharmaceuticals, Air Canada, United Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Emirates and other airlines, BlueCross, Cigna, Vanguard and other insurers, 6 of 7 of the largest companies in the state of Maine, Anchorage Municipal (government, police, fire, public schools, etc.), US Army, and numerous other government agencies and companies.