Daniel Milton

Science Tutor, Ph. D. and test prep book author

Hi! My name is Daniel Milton and I have tutored more than 500 students in secondary school in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. I've been conducting live tutoring classes in Singapore since 2010 to prepare students for the O-Level, A-Level, IB, AP Physics and IGSCE exams.

I decided to produce video courses that would capture all the experience I have in explaining the concepts and the important problem solving strategies that will allow students to ace those exams!  

My courses include notes for each topic, worksheets to give you plenty of practice, and videos explaining the solutions to all the questions.

If you need information about whether a course fits your particular program, such as O-Level, Iintegrated Programme, IGCSE, or US High school, visit my website where I have all the links to the right courses for your syllabus.

I have a M.S. in Physics and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Florida, U.S.A. I have also written books on solving physics problems and test preparation including "How to Solve Physics Problems" with McGraw-Hill and the physics section of the Medical College Admission Test prep guide with Barrons. Combined sales of the books are over 100,000 copies.

I think video courses can be the best way to learn for a lot of people, particularly those that are more independent minded and want to learn things on their own. It is my goal to produce the best courses available for secondary school science topics!

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